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OxyZone® is an effective in-ground (in-situ) and above ground (ex-situ) chemical oxidation (ISCO) process to bring contaminated soil and groundwater sites into regulatory compliance and closure faster and with less cost.

The patented OxyZone® process developed by EnChem Engineering uses a high-strength, multi-oxidant blend to overcome limitations found in most other environmental remediation treatment methods, resulting in significantly decreased remediation time and clean-up costs.

In addition to being able to destroy emerging contaminants such as perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) and 1,4-dioxane, OxyZone® has been applied to remediation of sites containing common organic compounds such as gasoline, fuel oils, and chlorinated organic compounds like tetrachloroethene (“PERC”) and mixtures thereof.

About EnChem Engineering

EnChem Engineering, Inc. possesses the underlying technical environmental remediation expertise and effective remediation processes, facilities and staff to solve the most complex emerging contaminant environmental challenges. We have been a hazardous waste consultant to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; the US Air Force and Fortune 500 companies.

EnChem Engineering Services

• Soil & groundwater remediation
• Hydrogeological site investigations
• Environmental site inspections
• Due diligence, litigation support

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Benefits of the OxyZone® Process

Versatile – a comprehensive suite of radicals and oxidants treats a wide range of organic contaminants in soil and groundwater

Persistent – OxyZone® process achieves a very high oxidation potential immediately upon application and remains effective up to weeks after application

Easier – The OxyZone® process generates no offgas or heat making it easier to apply

Cost Effective – More complete clean-up in less time results in lower total cost


EnChem Engineering designed and installed a combined SVE/sub-slab depressurization system that eliminated the Imminent Hazard within two months of operation.  OxyZone® ISCO was implemented to remediate the source and prevent offsite migration of contaminants.

The SVE/sub-slab depressurization system was successful in reducing indoor air samples to below the commercial/industrial threshold values. OxyZone® ISCO has eliminated off-site migration of PCE to below regulatory standards. Concentrations of PCE in groundwater within the source area have been reduced to below or slightly above regulatory standards within three years of treatment.


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